Gitamritam | About Ashram
Gitamritam | About Ashram
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About Ashram

Situated in Tirupati, the Brahmrishi Ashram is endowed with beauty, tranquility and peace. Mountains lush with trees and rare vegetation surround this beautiful, sacred hermitage. Guruji’s long, rigorous Sadhana nurtures this holy land with spiritual energy. The influence of the positive vibrations at this Ashram is so strong that devotees forget their worries and cherish spiritual bliss. The sweet musical sounds of bells, chanting and prayers always keep the ambience of our divine Brahmrishi Ashram chaste and pure.

 Temples for the gods/goddesses of all religions are situated in the Ashram making Guruji’s dream of creating “A World Religion Family” a reality. Currently, the Ashram houses the Lord Shiva Temple, Prarthanalay, Mata Utsav Hall, many guest houses, a cafeteria and cow sheds named after Jain Teerthankars and other great spiritual personalities.

The construction of a Lord Laxmi Narayan temple has started and it will be completed in the near future.

 We are very excited about the upcoming meditation center that would be one of finest meditation centers in the world.

Future plans include the construction of many additional temples, a heart hospital, a medical college, an engineering college, a yoga center, a naturopathy center, a religious library and a museum.

To us, the devotees of Guru JI the Tirupati Ashram is the sacred place where our beloved Guru and His Spiritual Power reside that permeate the mind and soul of devotees. You all are cordially invited to our Ashram for the divine joy of having both Gurudarshan (Sight of Guru) and Devdarshan (Sight of the Lord).