Gitamritam | Words of wisdom
Gitamritam | Words of wisdom
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Words of wisdom

“God works with you, NOT for you.”
“Man is not designed to be tired.”
“Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.”
“Faith is I know I will get what I want,Faith is not that I will get when I want.”
“A little faith will take you to heaven.
Full faith will bring heaven to you.”
“There is no way to get happiness,Happiness is the way to get everything”
“It is not a question of how powerful our God is,But a question of how powerful our faith is.”
“Know faith, no fear.
No faith, know fear.”
“The three phases of a person’s life:
Learning and Earning
Learning, Earning and returning.”
“Don’t wait to do right and then take a decision.
Take a decision and then make it right.”
“When fate closes all doors,our faith opens new doors.”
“The life we live is God’s gift to us.
The way we live our life is our gift in return to God.”
“We can’t change the truth,but truth can change us.”
“Man judges our actions.God judges our intentions.”
“Success is made of big things,it take time.
Happiness is made of small things,it take no time.”
“Man with intelligence Has many questions
Man with Surrender has all the answers”